In conversation with Anoop Chauhan, Chief Operating Officer, Avvashya CCI [Division of Allcargo Logistics and Hindustan Cargo Ltd.

“The covid-19 crisis has placed greater onus on accelerating warehouse automation and stressed the need for digital innovation across operational processes to improve supply chain resilience…” What are your best-known solutions/products/services? While developing advanced warehousing infrastructure in line with NBC norms, we strictly adhere to the best of Good Storage Practices (GSP), Good Manufacturing Practice […]

In conversation with Parmeet Bhalla, Managing Director, BGSB GROUP

“The rise of ecommerce has brought dramatic changes to the warehousing sector. Demand for Warehousing and Data centres is expected to increase in India. Catering to this surge in demand..” What are your best-known solutions/products/services? Founded in the year 2009, BGSB is a name synonymous with High Performance industrial and warehouse Concrete floors, Super Flat […]