What to look for in a Warehouse Management System

A warehouse management system (WMS) helps a business monitor its everyday operations more efficiently. Finding the correct Warehouse Management System for you depends on a variety of aspects unique to your business. But here are the main things medium to large retailers need to think about when deciding:

  • Scanner Compatibility. Most goods and products received into a warehouse are scanned by barcode scanners to add and register them to the inventory. When large amounts of goods are processed daily, scanners can make the receiving or dispatch of these items faster. Depending on the size of the operation and the type of products handled by the specific warehouse, the scanners could be handheld or operated with other machinery like conveyor belts for even faster processing. These scanners would read the barcodes on each product, which would differ from product to product. 
  • Digital barcode operations. Uses mobile scanners and barcodes to minimise the need for paper and optimise accuracy when picking, packing and booking in new stock.
  • Desired integrations. Has an integration (or an integration can be built) with all necessary stores, marketplaces, shipping partners, number of warehouses and anything else unique to your business.
  • Easy-to-use system. Straightforward platform designed to be easy to operate and learn for all current, new and temporary team members. All-in-one solution. Capability to handle and manage other major areas of your retail operation – including orders, inventory and shipping.
  • Reporting and accountability. Tracks and holds a history of every action in the warehouse and by which team member for high-level KPI reporting and staff accountability.
  • Financial Software.  The billing department would have to keep track of all the financial aspects of the business. Expenses, income, profit, loss, and many other economic indicators could provide valuable information to the management team. Integrating financial and warehouse management systems makes the task easier for all. 
  • Cloud in a digital era. Information storage, communication, and many other things can now be done through the cloud in a digital era. A warehouse management system that could operate with the cloud would be ideal for companies that want an instant connection to their system from anywhere. 
  • Product Tracking And Monitoring. Sound warehouse management software should allow you to track and manage all of your resources. This means that you should be able to monitor how your product moves. This includes its arrival to the warehouse, the staff who received and stored the products, internal and external transactions, order picking, dispatch, and even up to the step of your product being delivered to your customer.  

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