Major Project milestones in Hamburg, Prague and Vienna

Hot on the heels of its September announcement that Munich would be the site of its first European investment into fulfillment centre automation, European leader in e-grocery delivery service Rohlik Group (“Rohlik”)  is now announcing additional automation for Hamburg, Vienna and Prague in 2022, bringing the total investment to 45 million EUR.

The AutoStore system has storage bins stacked vertically in a grid and stored in a cubic structure, with the bins retrieved by robotic vehicles that travel atop the structure on rails, complemented by efficient picking workstations. This core automation element will deliver Rohlik a threefold increase in picking productivity, over 60% more storage space in fulfillment centres and a streamlined replenishment and inventory process.

A warehouse shuttle system is a mobile cart that “shuttles” (i.e., transports) items in pallet racking. It’s used to store and retrieve stock totes, trays or cases in storage buffers. They travel the depth of your racking to pick up or deposit pallets at either end of the racking structure. The Shuttle system will fully automate the handling of finished purchases as they are consolidated and prepared for distribution.

“This automation implementation is scheduled for the second half of 2022. It delivers to Rohlik completely new opportunities to scale up at short notice when we need it most. Currently, we are preparing for a roll-out to other Central and Southern EU countries too,” adds Aleš Malucha. 

“I am proud that Rohlik Group is entrusting Swisslog with this major project. With our committed team including over 500 software specialists and with our leading e-grocery logistics automation experience from similar projects, we are convinced that we will continue to meet the long-term demands of Rohlik Group. We look forward to building on this relationship,” comments Jens Schmale, Head of Region Swisslog EMEA.

Robotic warehouses pave the way for more growth in Rohlik Group and bring work opportunities for new talents

Investment in automated systems increases efficiencies and frees up space for further growth. But according to Aleš Malucha, it will not be at the expense of employees.

“We are creating teams at a group level for the design of the most efficient fulfillment center (FC) using automation as well as for development of IT systems. Additionally, there will be automation teams in individual countries for implementation and management of automation in individual FCs,” explains Aleš.

Rohlik founder Tomáš Čupr underscores the importance of this investment: “With this new investment of EUR 45m into fulfillment centre automation already underway, and hundreds of millions to be spent in the next few years, we are now looking for the group head of automation. This person will set the vision and have a massive impact on building an industry changing company, complementing Aleš Malucha’s work.”

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