SSI SCHAEFER Software successfully validated again

The Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) has successfully validated SSI SCHAEFER software in the validation of Warehouse Management System (WMS) solutions. With the help of the manufacturer-independent “WMS Online Selection”, Fraunhofer IML supports companies in selecting the optimal suitable WMS and provider. The validation signet once again confirms the quality of SSI SCHAEFER software solutions.

WAMAS® WMS in the top field

In the run-up to the validation, the experts of “Warehouse Logistics” checked more than 3,700 requirement criteria. The success certifies that the standardized logistics software WAMAS, developed in-house by SSI SCHAEFER, has the highest breadth and depth of functionality as well as proven stability and performance as the cornerstone for seamlessly interlocking processes and highest throughputs in modern, efficiently organized warehouses.

“The provision of the validation signet and the presence in the logistics IT database of the portal is the confirmation of a renowned and globally recognized authority that our WMS solutions for modern warehouse management demonstrably meet the highest requirements,” says Notker Steigerwald, Head of Business Unit Logistics Solutions at SSI SCHAEFER.

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