Avigna group signs MoU with Tamil Nadu government; set to invest Rs 837 crore

Avigna Industrial & Logistics Park, part of Chennai-based Avigna Group has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Tamil Nadu government for an investment of Rs 837 crore in the state.

The agreement has been signed between Managing Director Rajasekaran S and Executive Director Abhijit Verma from Avigna Group and Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin. Avigna will utilize the proposed investment to develop modern industrial development parks in various parts of Tamil Nadu in the coming years.

“Tamil Nadu government has always been known for their forward thinking and welcoming nature towards the business community, encouraging to build a strong ecosystem. We are pleased to announce this collaboration with the State Government and look forward to not only develop industrial parks but also bring economic development to the people of the state by generating employment opportunities” said Abhijit Verma, Executive Director and CEO of Avigna Group.

Avigna Industrial & Logistics Park currently has warehouses in Hosur (TN), Hoskote (Karnataka), and in the Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh and rapidly expanding its footprints in western, eastern and northern parts of the country as well.

“Avigna is soon going to start operation of their first-of-kind Food Terminal Market near Chennai which was delayed due to the pandemic. This 10ft million sq ft project is going to revolutionize the way farmers trade their produce,” Verma added.

Avigna Group is looking at a Pan India expansion and is currently building warehousing space of 3 million sq.ft each in in Hosur(Tamil Nadu) and Hoskote(Karnataka), 1 million sq. ft each in Chennai(TN) and Nellore((Andhra Pradesh) and 2 million sq.ft in Madurai(TN).

Besides this, Avigna Group is envisaging to expand its base at Bhiwandi in Mumbai, Farruknagar in Haryana, Jaipur and Kolkata.

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