Material Handling in Warehouse

What is materials handling: the loading, unloading, and movement of goods, as within a factory or warehouse, especially by the aid of mechanical devices.

Material handling directly impacts productivity in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and distribution centers. When a shipment arrives, a good material handling process ensures goods get from the dock to the appropriate rack in good time.

Finally, proper material handling allows warehouses to store goods in an organized manner that makes it easy to pick and pack inventory for outgoing shipments.

Major Material Handling Equipment Items to Increase Efficiency in a Warehouse are-

1. Order Picker

The order picker is a small-sized forklift truck that’s larger than a walkie stacker and is capable of bearing more weight. Order pickers can typically retrieve and replace stacked items from heights of between 10 – 30 feet.

2. Conveyor belts

A conveyor belt is a motor-driven belt that forms part of a conveyor system. Items that require transportation are simply placed on one end of the belt, and the motorized system moves them to their destination.

3. Hand trucks

This is a simple, two-wheel hand-operated truck or trolley, usually with a metallic frame and a toe-plate. Hand trucks are designed to ease the transportation of small items. Some come in a folding variety that packs flat when not in use.

4. Stackers

A small, hand-propelled or motorized truck that’s used to lift items off the ground and onto shelving. This is deal if you are making the most of your warehouse space in having a stacking system. They are cheaper to run than forklifts, and are ideal for small-to-medium applications.

5. Silos

Silos are typically used in agricultural applications. They are used to safely store grain, or silage (fermented feed). They are also commonly used for the bulk storage of coal, cement, wood-chips, sawdust and even food products.

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