Dahl has selected SSI SCHAEFER for its new central warehouse to cover the Swedish market.

Dahl, one of the leading wholesaler and trading companies in plumbing, pipes, ground work, cooling, property and tools has selected SSI SCHAEFER as a supplier for its new central warehouse to cover the Swedish market.

The new distribution center will connect approx. 2,000 suppliers and 36,000 craftsmen with HVAC equipment both through direct delivery to construction sites as well as through Dahls 70 stores from Kiruna in the north to Ystad in the south of Sweden.

“The technology at our new site is really pushing the boundaries, we will build an advanced warehouse and we look forward to a highly automated operation that will be located not too far from our current warehouse. This gives us the possibility to retain internal competence,” says Jonathan Mankowitz, Logistics Director at Dahl.

“The greatest challenge was to find the right solution for Dahl due to the wide and special product range and the high demands on ergonomics when handling these products. We have worked together with Dahl as one team from day one and the result is a one-of-a-kind warehouse with a high level of automation and some new and innovative solutions,” says Hans Ekström, Solution Design Manager at SSI SCHAEFER who is responsible for the project.

The solution from SSI SCHAEFER consists of a pallet handling area with a pallet conveying system to transport goods to and from workstations and a High-bay warehouse for storing pallets. Small goods are handled in a 24 meter high SSI Flexi shuttle system that will store both totes to supply the piece picking area as well as cartons for palletizing. Picking will take place at goods to person stations combined with palletizing robots to complete orders prior to shipping. The new distribution center will be located in Bålsta and will replace the current warehouse in Kalhäll as well as some satellite warehouses.

The SSI SCHAEFER system is planned to go live during 2023/

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