Key learnings from Swisslog system operations teams

Swisslog system operations teams are working hard every day to solve problems and optimize preventative maintenance programmes to prevent future issues from occurring. Below are some key learnings from experienced system operations teams across the globe:

  • Communication and a robust maintenance program are major contributors to a successful site.
    Having an engaged maintenance team that is in tune with the customer is vital. Building team morale to begin with is a priority, because a happy team is a productive team.
  • Put safety first, and ensure your entire team, plus all contractors, embody a safety-first attitude at all times.
    Gaining the customer’s complete faith and trust goes a long way to establishing open and honest dialogue. Listening to the customer is always important, but it’s equally important that they trust you to find the best solution.
  • Feedback on how the automation solution is performing should be documented and communicated out on a regular basis. Any issues should be brought to the customer’s attention immediately to ensure all parties are aware of any problems and what solutions are in place or are being actioned.
  • Celebrate all wins, no matter how small. The customer needs to know that what is happening in the background is having an influence on the way their business runs. Positive commentary gains confidence from the customer, especially when we find a solution to a problem they have presented to us. Always be on the lookout for improvement opportunities in both processes or equipment performance.

So, while a system operations team for an automated warehousing or logistics site may fly under the radar when things are running smoothly, they are actually working hard to keep things that way!

And, at the end of the day, there is no greater satisfaction than a happy client. Receiving positive feedback from the client (we sometimes get this directly, and sometimes it comes from the local Managing Director, who has heard it from the client’s senior management team) is the ultimate recognition for a job well done.

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